Join NSEAD on a journey of inclusion, equity, and diversity as we strive for every art educator to critically review, revise, 
and decolonise their curriculum. Our mission is to advance art education, for everyone, so every child can achieve
their potential. 

Course Curriculum

Better Practice in Art, Craft, and Design: Developing an Anti-Racist Curriculum is a professional development course that consists of seven online workshops, created, and delivered by members of the NSEAD ARAEA (Anti-Racist Art Education Action) group.

Each workshop focuses on a different topic to guide and support the ongoing development of inclusivity and equity in your art, craft, and design curriculum. This course can be used as part of your department’s curriculum planning or as individual art educator’s CPD.

Workshop available now

Explore the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future success. Join Course Facilitator Emily Gopaul to unpack and address Cultural Capital through our subject.

Workshop available now

Join Course Facilitator Frances Akinde to unpack how the lasting influences and outcomes of colonialism and European expansion has impacted our subject.

Workshop available now

Join Course facilitator Kevin Dalton-Johnson for this workshop on criticality, exploring the capacity and ability to read, write, think, and speak in ways to understand power and equity in order to understand and promote anti-oppression through our subject and curriculums.

Workshop live from 22 Jan 2024

Join course facilitator Frances Akinde to explore intersectionality through our subject and how we can ensure our art curriculums value alternative ways of being and doing in the world.

Workshop live from 26 March 2024

Join course facilitator Rayvenn D’Clark to investigate the importance of using correct context and terminology throughout your curriculum and teaching.

Workshop live from 27 Feb 2024

Join course facilitator Rayvenn D’Clark to explore how you support yourself and your colleagues to have potentially challenging conversations about unconscious biases.

Workshop live from May 2024

Join course facilitators Marlene Wylie and Clare Stanhope to address how your curriculum includes artists, makers and designers from a range of ethnically diverse communities and provides opportunities to ask about the cultures, makers, artworks and objects that you and your students use.

"Ensuring we have a diverse, anti-racist art, craft and design curriculum that speaks to the challenges, issues and predicaments of our present day is paramount to maximising engagement and enthusiasm amongst our young people."

Ashia Oozeer, Head of Art and Design, Westminster School

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