Managing behaviour in the classroom can be one of the biggest challenges for teachers, this webinar will provide you with practical strategies and knowledge to develop your skills to feel confident managing a classroom.

About the Facilitator: 

This course will be led by Steve Rose 

Steve began his teaching journey in 1975 where he attended Madeley college to study P.E. and History. Once qualified, Steve took up a post in a large comprehensive school Teaching Physical Education and Art. Within 5 years he decided that his chosen career would be in Art & Design, so he attended Goldsmiths to obtain the necessary Qualifications.

Steve's career was spent in both comprehensive and Grammar schools in Essex and Suffolk, during these years he took on both academic and pastoral responsibilities. During the 1990s he became one of the first Advanced Skills Teachers, which meant he worked for the local authority for 1 day a week in an advisory capacity. He then joined Kent Count Council to perform this role as a full-time post. The latter part of his career has been spent in consultancy and as a lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University.

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